Safe, Secure, and fast performing wireless technology can be yours!

Wireless Alarm System Installations in Yorkshire and Manchester

If a wired security system isn’t for you, we also offer a great, state of the art wireless alarm system. The wireless system uses the latest in 2 way encrypted commications making sure that the system is secure, reliable and resiliant to interference from other equipment in the area. Not only are the detectors wireless, you can also use the provided keyfob to set and unset the system meaning the control panel can be hidden out of the way if desired. Up to 32 keyfobs can be registered to the system so all the family can utilise the benefits.

The control panel supports up to 32 zones; giving enough expnsion to cover your whole property plus some…



  • 1 x Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Panel (up to 32 zones)
  • 2 x Pyronix Wireless PIR
  • 2 x Pyronix Wireless Door Contact
  • 1 x Pyronix DeltaBell Wireless Bell Box

All this plus fitting, 12 months warranty and 12 months 24h on call assistance for only £460.00!


  • Additional Keyfob – £60.00
  • Additional PIR – £60.00
  • Additional Door Contact – £55.00