The Future is SMART!

As technology rapidly evolves, more and more electrical goods within our homes are becoming smart. They are becoming more aware of the surrounding environment as well as being able to connect to the internet for a variety of reasons (think ‘Internet of Things’, ‘in the cloud’). Well, it’s no surprise that security systems are also following this trend and DPA are here to keep you up to date with the latest tech.

We are offering the very latest RISCO SecuPlace systems for those that like to be connected. Here are some of the key points of the RISCO panels:

  • Wireless RF Technology
  • Supports up to 19 Keyfobs for code-less arming / disarming
  • Up to 32 wireless zones
  • Email / SMS / Voice notifications for end users

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And on top of all that, the systems can be set, unset and monitored remotely via a mobile app on your Apple / Android device. Now That Is SMART!

See for yourself below